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HUSQVARNA K770 14" POWER CUTTER #967682101

The K770 is an absolute beast made for burying of cables and the cutting of rails, asphalt, cast concrete, building blocks, curbstones, garden pavers, floors, and walls. Backed by Husqvarna power, the K770 can even be used in rescue operations.



  • SmartStart X-Torq engine with 73.5 см³ cylinder displacement and 5hp power output.
  • 14 inch blade with 5 inch cutting depth.
  • Reversible cutting arm, easy to start, fits multiple blade bushings.
  • DualCharge engine provides more power, low fuel consumption and  reduced emissions.
  • Semi-automatic SmartTension minimizes risk of under or over tensioning.
  • Light, compact, and powerful with superior power to weight ratio.
  • Cast magnesium crankcase with three bolt joint to attach the cutting head.
  • Drive belt with fully sealed transmission.
  • Anti-vibration system for easy control and comfort while handling.
  • Filter only needs to be checked and changed is if you experience lack of power.
  • Digital ignition with optimized timing.
  • Less slurry and low water consumption.
  • SmartCarb maintains high power during the air filter lifetime.
  • Easy to change blade, guard position, blade retarder.
  • 22.4lbs for lightweight use.
  • Model Number #967682101

HUSQVARNA K770 14" POWER CUTTER #967682101

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